Publisher's FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Getting Approval On The Website and apps is very easy. You just have to submit your website or else you can also message on WhatsApp. Our website and apps experts will review your website and apps, if your website or apps follow the Google policy, then they will submit it for approval.

1. Your Website Must Have Good Quality Content.

2. We Don’t Allowed Any Illegal, Hates, Or Adult Content.

3. We Don’t Allowed Self Ad Clicks , VPN Clicks, Or Force Ad Clicks Or Bot Traffic.

Also Same Policies For apps.

1. Your app Doesn’t Contain Any Integrated VPN/Force Clicking Ads/Self Clicking.

If this policy violation is found on your website and apps, then we will not approved your website and apps.

For Website Approval

1. 100k Minimum Pages Views Monthly Required.

2. 20+ Articles , and Unique Content.

3. Your Website Must Be 1 Months Old For Fast Approval.

For App Approval

1. Need Minimum 5K Install On Google Play Store.

For ads.txt your website & apps must have pass Google policies and our terms & conditions.

We Charged Only 10% For Our Services. Means We Work On 10:90 Revenue Share Model. Publisher’s Get 90% Of Total Revenue.

Yes, We Provide Real Time Reporting Dashboard For 100% Transparency. You Can Get Your Dashboard After Approval.

Our Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Paypal, Payeer, USDT Transfer Etc.

We Pay On Net30 Term. 

1. For Website Approval Google Take 24 Hours To 2 Week’s.

2. For Apps Approval We Take Only 5 Hours For Complete Process.